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Hidden Cameras

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HD camera in a car alarm remote control   With this portable camera hidden in a remote from car alarm you can do audio-video recordings in three different resolutions, audio in WAV format and photos with 8 MP.

Video modes are:
price: 97.00BGN
High resolution camera in handsfree   The camera is hidden in a quite realistic looking handsfree, which would not arouse any suspicion.
It allows you to make audio-video recording with resolution of 1280x720 at 30 frames per second. Records in AVI format with an approximate size of 1 GB per hour.
Besides the video you can take photos in the same resolution, which are in JPEG.
Management of the two functions is very convenient, with two buttons - one for photos, the other one is for video.
price: 92.90BGN
Glasses with fullHD camera
  These glasses have builtin hidden camera which records in fullHD quality. The audio-video recording is in AVI file format in resolution 1920x1080. The glasses also have built-in memory and a microSD card slot. You can use memory cards with a maximum capacity of 32GB.
The camera control is very easy and seamless. Pushing a single button can turn the camera on or off, with the same button you start and stop video recording.
The device has a rechargeable battery that allows continuous recording for about an hour.
price: 180.00BGN
New price: 144.00BGN
Keyring with motion detector
  The keyring can capture audio and video files with fullHD resolution, take pictures, record audio files. Furthermore, there is a software motion detector which starts the video recording when there is motion in front of the lens. To be able to shoot in complete darkness the keyring is equipped with infrared diodes.
The device can be used as a web camera or removable storage.
In order to control the camera discreetly it has vibration function which helps you control the device unnoticed.
There is a microSD card slot, where you can save the recorded files.
price: 166.00BGN
New price: 139.44BGN
Full HD camera in a desktop clock
  The video, which you can do with this camera with full HD parameters. Clock makes audio video recording in AVI format with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels and 24 fps.
Camera functions are controlled comfort and ease of a remote control. From there you can choose to do video, photos and audio recordings. You can also use the software motion sensor to record video only when the camera is moving.
Photos in JPEG format with a resolution 2592h1944 and audio in WAV with 176 kbps.
Camera has an HDMI output from which you can directly play the records on TV and control playback using the remote control.
price: 163.00BGN
New price: 130.40BGN
Camera-key with a motion detector and an IR diode   With this camera you can capture audio and video files with a resolution of 1920x1080 and 30 frames per second. The device has motion sensor software with which you can record only when there is a motion before the camera, thus saving battery.
For shooting in total darkness there is an IR diode that can be turned on and off as needed.
The camera can take and JPEG images with in resolution 2560x1920.
The device is automatically detected by the operating system and you can use it as a portable memory while with the included CD, you can install the necessary drivers and use it as a web cam.
price: 139.00BGN
Camera in watch with rubber strap
  Stylish wristwatch with which you can make audio recordings, photos or audio-video recordings.
This watch can be used in water if you attach the solid plug.
Is detected automatically by all the operating systems and you can use it as a portable memory and to transfer the files from to computer storage.
Pictures taken with the device are 12 MP (4032x3024) in JPEG file format.
price: 126.00BGN
New price: 113.40BGN
HD16 - Car key camera
  * Car key camera,hidden camera;
* video formator:AVI 720*480
* Take pictures: 1280*1024
* Memory:Support 2GB-16GB
price: 25.00BGN
New price: 18.75BGN
Camera in a watch
  With this stylish watch you can take photos, audio, video recordings or audio only.
The watch is waterproof and you can use it in water, if you turn the solid stopper.
The watch is automatically recognized by all operating systems, you can use it as a portable memory device or to transfer the files to the computer memory.
Pictures taken with this camera are 12 MP (4032x3024) in JPEG file format.
price: 126.00BGN
New price: 113.40BGN
Camera - button   The lens on this camera, hidden behind a real button will remain unseen even to the most observant. To make the disguise perfect there are four additional buttons included to sew to your clothes.
With this camera you can record audio and video files in AVI file format in resolution 640x480 or take pictures in JPEG file format in resolution 1280x960 pixels.
Switching modes is done by pressing the back of the camera. The device has an internal memory of 4 GB and the rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides about an hour of continuous use.
price: 55.00BGN
Camera with motion detector
  The camera hidden in a real wrist watch allows you to take pictures and capture audio-video files. The video can be started manually or by the motion detectors.
Photos are in JPEG format with resolution 4032x3024 pixels.
Audio video file is AVI with 1280x720 pixels and 26 fps.
Clock is waterproof, but when used under water please to turn the microphone solid stopper.
price: 132.00BGN
New price: 118.80BGN
Camera in a light bulb
  With this camera you do not need a battery, you will not worry whether there will be power just when you need it most. The camera works with the current directly from the main power.
Using with this device is extremely easy. Just turn at the light bulb, press the key to turn on the light and the recording begins. When you press the switch of the lamp it automatically stops recording. It also has an switch button located on the lamp. To direct the camera lens in the desired direction there is a flexible extension.
Recordings are stored on the microSD card, such as the maximum amount that you can put is 32 GB. You can choose between two resolutions, 640x480 and 352x288. An audio-video recording is 3gp. At lower resolutions you can make a 24-hour recording on 4 GB.
To record only when there is motion in front of the camera lens is a software motion detector.
price: 199.00BGN Waiting
New price: 169.15BGN

Hidden camera with a prolonged recording time
  The camera hidden in this clock that will allow you to capture very long videos. The extremely powerful battery with capacity of 500 mAh guarantees over two and a half hours continuous recording. And to be prepared for any situation you will find in the kit and extra battery.
The watch has three functions – audio-video, photos and audio only.
The resolution of the captured audio-video files is 640x480/30 frames per second while the file format is AVI. The approximate file size is 43 MB per minute.
With this watch you can take individual photos in JPEG with the same resolution of 640x480 pixels.
price: 109.00BGN Waiting
New price: 98.10BGN

HD camera hidden in glasses
  With these glasses you can take several actions. You can record audio-video files in HD resolution 1920x1080 or take photos with resolution 2560x1920.
With the software motion detector you can to record only when there is motion in front of the camera lens, thus saving battery.
The glasses have a microSD card slot and after inserting one you can use it as a removable disk.
The built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides about an hour - hour and a half continuous uptime.
price: 145.00BGN Waiting
New price: 94.25BGN

Camera with motion detector (with chain)
  The camera in this wrist watch allows you to take pictures and capture audio-video files. The video recording can be started manually or by the motion detector.
Pictures are resolution 4032x3024 pixels, in JPEG format.
Audio-video files are AVI 1280x720 pixels and 26 fps.
The watch is waterproof, but you should turn the solid plug on the microphone.
price: 132.00BGN Waiting
New price: 108.24BGN

Camera in a watch with leather strap
  Real watch that allows you to take photos, audio, video recordings or audio only.
You can use it under water, because the watch is waterproof, but should apply the solid plug.
The device is automatically detected by all operating systems without installing any additional drivers and you can use it as a portable memory and transfer files to the computer memory.
Pictures are 12 MP resolution (4032x3024) in JPEG format.
price: 126.00BGN Waiting
New price: 113.40BGN

HD12 - Spy camera pen - 4GB
  Spy camera pen - 4GB
price: 49.00BGN Waiting

HD19 - Waterproof HD A/V Camera Watch
  This product can proof a little water and dust into the inside of it, When it be designed and manufactured, We have made reference to the technology and the structure of the 3 degrees (30 meters underwater) waterproof, But it does not mean that you could use this product as a diving watch. This product can not bear water pressure and keep normal work under the water, It also can not avoid seepage under the deep water, All of the waterproof design of this product just to avoid a small amount of liquid or debris flying into the product and damaged it in the daily lives, So, You must not use it under the water, You should to use the product according to the guidance in strict, If you are using the products improper and damage by water, We will no longer offer this product warranty and after-sales service.

Take Photos and Video,take Audio and used as Web Camera
price: 94.00BGN Waiting

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